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Help needed carbon frame, crack?

Hi guys,

Recently, I just bought a Trek 5500 on Ebay Australia. I am currently overseas and has not seen the physical frame yet. On Ebay Australia, there is only one picture given (the 2nd last image attached) and the owner states that the frame is like new:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d?r

Later, I found the exactly same picture on google and when I clicked into it, it shows Ebay UK with extra pictures of the frame:

Trek 5500 OCLV Carbon Fiber Frameset - 54 | eBay.

Too bad, I have purchased the frame.

I know there are many experts out there in this forum and hence wish to ask some expert advices.

Q1. As shown in the first and second attached pictures, do you think it's manufactured like that or repair by previous owner?

Q2. For the 3rd and 4th attached pictures, the owner from Ebay UK claims that's clear coat crack, do you suspect structural damage or coating damage?

After all, I will be back Australia in 3 weeks time. Since the colour is quite dull, maybe I will remove the clear coat and give it a repaint. Thanks a lot for your inputs.

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Picture 3 and 4 look fine to me. I can only see the seams in the frame construction. Pics 1 and 2, hard to tell from pics, could be from manufacturing. You'll know more when you inspect it in person. Even if it is a repair, if done correctly, the frame could be fine. I do know that Trek always warranted OCLV frames with BB shell cracks because it was more cost effective than repair.
(I worked for years in a Trek shop in the second half of the '90s & early '00s [Lance's "glory years" LOL].)
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