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Had my first flat on my Renn 575 disc wheel (that I got on ebay last year). When changing the tube, the rim tape came undone. When I went to the store with my disc wheel to get the rim retaped, I got these puzzled looks and was told I didn't need tape because there are no spokes to protect against. Makes perfect sense, I thought. More than a little embarassed I thanked the well intentioned bike mechanic who got not a dime from me because of his good advice, and left the store. (I will go back as they are obviously honest!)
But, a few hours later, I began to get haunted by: Why was there tape to begin with? I got the disc used from ebay so I don't know if it was there from the manufacturer's or if it was put there by the previous owner. Maybe there is a reason for it to be there
Anybody who can shed light on this? I'd hate to go to my next TT (this Sunday, by the way), and something strange (a flat) happen to my disc because it didn't have the tape (!?).
Your advise will be greatly appreciated.
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