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Help save racing at Floyd Bennet

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Not sure how many of you have experience with this race series, but there is normally Tuesday and Thursday crits at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. I know I’ve raced this many times, and outside of the crosswinds and sufferfest it was a chill run series that was more about the racing than profits. Now a for profit company has taken over park permits and hiked them up astronomically (a la Martin shkreli style). If you have a minute please sign the petition.
Even if you dont race or dont live near NYC, this should bother you and your signature would be greatly appreciated
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Really cool, historically significant venue. Great place to race and dig deep!!
Aviator Sports, a for-profit contractor that leases Floyd Bennett Field from the federal government, is increasing the price of a permit from $150 for the entire summer to $2,000 per race, which would bring the cost of the season to $34,000. The exorbitant price increase — roughly 22,567 percent — may prevent the long-running Tuesday Night Race Series from taking place this summer, cyclists say.

This is a for profit renting , renting a park and being granted utility/ monopoly status. they're supposed to be serving a public benefit. once they start charging exorbitant rates they are taking advantage of that license they have been given and simply being a bad actor and a bad neighbor. they either need to be regulated more closely or lose their license. nobody begrudges a corporation making a profit, but just like its wrong for a drug dompany to purchase the license of a $100 a bottle drug and raise it to $1,000 or more simply to make money at public expense this is wrong as well.
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heard aviator sports backed down
They did, racing is back! Looking forward to hanging on for dear life at the rear of the peloton as usual.
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