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Just had to clean out the garage and found an "old" Columbo Concorde road bike that my son used for a couple of years before he moved to the States 6 or 7 years ago.
Tires are flat (Michelins?), and the bike appears to be in excellent shape, especially after it was cleaned up a bit.
Have tried to Google it but not much help there. Any idea what it is worth - where I might go to advertise it. My son, in typical fashion, doesnt remember where he bought it, what he paid etc - 8 or 9 years ago is too long to remember - apparently.
Mississauga Canada

I have subsequently found the bike to have;
Shimano Deore Deraillers
and a sticker on the frame says;
Tubi Speciali In Acciaio Carbonio Manganese Tretubi Aelle

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Well it's a Concorde Columbo to start. The ebay ad you've got up has some pics, but better pictures of the derailleurs and frame would help. Concordes were nice Belgian built bikes and often get good prices on ebay, but you have to list it right. First thing change the listing title to Concorde Columbo.

Here's some pics of other Concordes:

I don't have any specific info on the Columbo model, but I'm sure that you'll be able to find out more here.

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You could check with Racer Sportif in Toronto

They were the main dealers of that bike in the Toronto area and on their website they still have that frame Just scroll down a little and you will find it.

As for selling it of course you could use the classifieds here but you could also go to Mountain Equipment Co-op's webpage and sell it on their gearswap board You could also post it on the Toronto Bicycle Network's bulletin board at

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