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I just bought a Co-Motion Periscope 26. My stoker is my 9 year old kid. It's got 26" Velocity Deep V's laced on to DT Hugi hubs, the wheels are sweet. It's got 26x1.5 Panaracer Hi-Roads, and I just don't have confidence in these tires:

We blew out an innertube 2 miles after we bought the bike; defective valvestem. Man, we had zero air in less than 30 seconds. Good thing we were going slow and were off the bike before that. I got a look at the Panaracers... looked light and fast- but I'd rather have something like Conti UltraGatorSkins. And getting a new tube... the shop screwed up and sent me home with a pair of tubes with standard valve stems... NOT working with Velocity Deep Vs! OK, so we got that almost straight, by using a Presta-Schraeder adapter ugly kluge.

Both of us liked the bike for it's ride and handling. It's so much more nimble than the slightly cheaper Cannondale/Trek/Burly type bike (offering Ultegra vs. 105 for just a bit less money) that even the 9 year old was telling me about how the bike felt. Anyways, with a kid, I figured we would be cruising out in the country and around town, not looking for serious road miles or speed. Here is the thing- we go for a little 20 mile spin, and I find us nearly spun out on a small hill (my 9 year old spins out around 85 RPM... gotta get her on little rollers? Ha!) in the 53x11T! Well, Sheldon's calculator says that's a bit over 30 mph and I'm thinking 2 things: 1) Wow, these are the SLOW wheels? and 2) Crap, I really don't trust these tires.. oh, this is fast and we are not even trying...

So, several questions and I hope someone can answer:

1) What are some top quality 26" inner tubes with valve stems long enough for Velocity Deep Vs? How long a stem is needed?

2) Anyone know of a vendor in the USA than can supply 26x 1.25 or 1.5 or thereabouts Conti GatorSkins? Those tires I know and trust.

3) What about Schawalbe Marathons? I suspect these are good touring tires for my situation.

4) I can get Vred' S-Licks cheap. Price is practically no object, but I've heard good things about them, esp. in wet weather.

Thanks for any input

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