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It's time for a new bike and I want to go about it the right way this time. I have always been a self educator and bought primarily used bikes based on my knowledge at the time. I've owned bikes that have always felt 'just a little off' if you know what I mean. My last bike was a 54cm Orbea Arin w/a 55cm tt and I always felt a bit stretched out on it...had a zero set back post and shorter stem.

Long story short, I am going to be buying a bike from one of my local shops in the next couple weeks and I have a fitting scheduled for 10 days from now. In the mean time, I would love you input on a recommended frame size to shoot for. Here are my measurements:

Inseam: 79
Trunk: 59.5
Forearm: 34.5
Arm: 61.5
Thigh: 63
Lower Leg: 53
Sternal Notch: 141
Total Body Height: 171.25

Any thoughts given the data? I seem to be settling around a 52cm frame (with roughly a 53in tt). I would also ask, am I going to be too cramped on a 50cm frame (say a caad 10)? too spread out on a 54cm (also a caad 10 for example's sake)?

Thanks for any advice, I look forward to reading some responses!

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(My) standard advice here.. leave the fitting to the fitter. While it's fine to "self-educate" (I do the same) understand that a knowledgeable fitter got that way through experience, which (no offense) you don't have.

That said, given your inseam and height, IMO "on paper" your guesstimate of a 530mm ETT is a good starting point. Forget frame sizes, because there's no industry standards for measuring, so that number is pretty arbitrary. Rather, focus on ETT (reach) and head tube lengths (saddle to bar drop).

Again, leave the fitting to the fitter. Nothing wrong with providing input/ being pro-active during the fit process (you should), but don't try to derail the fitters recommendations. If there's a legitimate reason to do so, you picked the wrong fitter.

Oh, and kudos to you for wanting to go about it the right way this time. Be sure to hold that thought. :)
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