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When I order my new road race bike (04 Specialized Allez Comp) in a month or so I also plan to get new shoes and pedals. I do not want to use the current road bike shoes and pedals, pedals are Shimano M515s, and shoes are Answer Products Speeder. Yes, I was one of Them for 2003; I had gotten the bike for training for MTB, well I ended up riding and racing the road more then the MTB. Therefore, it is time to upgrade and modernize my feet for the road. The LBS who has not steered me wrong yet is recommending the below shoes and pedals:

Sidi Genius shoes, or
Specialized Carbon Pro Road shoes (I am leaning towards these ones)
Look A5.1 pedals

I have read the online reviews on road bike review; all three were good (even with only a few [the MTB stuff on MTBR always seems to have a lot more reviews for products…]). Anyways, do any of you folks race or ride with the above pedals and/or shoes? How do you like them? What do you dislike (if anything)?
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