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I am trying to overhaul some SPD pedals for the gym where I do spin bike maintenance.
When overhauling these pedals due to them being super loose, I notice that the bearings are loose ball and tend to be worn or just get lost when removing them the axles.

I have a ton more that arrived to I can rebuild these things. But I don't know how to repack these things right.

Do I install the axle then just drop in the bearings until them are all in. Just throw some grease in there? Man, these are tiny 3/32" bearings.

Any help?

Here are some photos


Larry Lackapants
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I'd apply grease generously, then lust make the balls stick to the races during assembly. Since the balls are so light they will easily stick with some grease.. I hope :)
Just count them so there's not more or less then there should be.
If the races are worn out, an additional bearing ball might fit in...
good luck
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