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Cycling induced anoesis
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Bombaci said:
Hi there,

I've just purchased a giant defy 3 and took it for a short ride (10km). I was riding in the middle gears for the whole trip until the end where i tried shifting gears and i can only change my gears in one direct. I am a novice when it comes to bike mechanics but normally ride for recreation

I've got the gear change just on the thumb but i cannot seem to get the gears to move back. I now have the front derailer on a low gear and the rear on a high!!

Help me!!! What do i do?
Your bike is equipped with Shimano 2200 (or 2300) shifters. As you know, you use the thumb shifter to shift to the smaller gear in front and rear, but to shift to the larger gears, you use the brake lever, pushing in (as opposed to back) towards the center of the bars. Depending on their current position, you may have to press past the first click to execute a shift because there is a trim function for the front.

Use this link for more info. Look under operation of front/ rear derailleur levers:

Assuming the bike was purchased through a LBS, they should have gone over this before you left the shop. If after reviewing the attached the shifter operation still isn't clear, go back and have them demo the shifters for you.
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