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Difference being...

2Fast2Furryious said:
Cigarette smugglers = lost tax & betting revenue

Athletes who dope = lost faith in sport

Reallocated police funding to battle athletic doping = lost faith in the system; public outcry

Yeah. Let's do that, give more money to Dick and Friends. Because cops - and really, how about the whole justice system - doesn't need it as much as we need more gossip to fuel this silly forum on skinny white guys who like to ride them bi-cycles. Aren't most pros calling for less controls for cycling, one of the most rigorously tested sports?

Face it - if people want an advantage, no matter how illegal, there will be a market. Controlling this market in toto is impossible; even if drugs/doping were legal (and logically, taxed) people would still try to cheat the system. I'm not advocating the situation - hey, getting a heart tumor from IGF doesn't sound all that hot, no matter how many TdF victories you toss in my direction - but please realize that in the scheme of things, not even the police cared enough to look into the matter first. It was an outgrowth of another investigation. And I bet if you tossed the cops more money, investigating cyclists would probably be near the bottom of their list.

And if it's not? Tell me where this place is, because I've always wanted to live in Candyland.
Difference being that in a lot of foreign countries, getting busted doping is not only a sporting offense, it is also criminal in a lot of places. So indeed, they do need to have the cops take charge in these investigations really, because it is considered a criminal act, at least in Belgium, and Italy, and France to name a few. It's not like in the US where if you get busted doping, they send you a FedEx envelope saying you tested positive for this or that, and your hearing is at such and such a time.
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