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On my old frame, once per year, I would replace the cables and housings, and also replace the cable guide under the BB shell.

On my Tarmac SL3, the cable guide seems to be a proprietary piece that Specializes makes. Or made. I went to my LBS to get a replacement, and they told me that Specialized hasn't stocked them in months. I went to another LBS, and they told me that Specialized was out of stock, and they didn't know when they could get me one. I e-mailed Specialized, but for some reason, I got connected to Germany. They told me that they would be happy to send me one, if I were in the EU. Since I'm in the US, I need to talk to my LBS. :mad2:

Then I went to recable the bike with the old cable guide in place, and I couldn't get the new cable through. I finally removed the part, and it was so packed with dirt, I had to use a drill bit, spinning it by hand, to auger out the bore.

So, I guess if the part fails entirely, I'll need a new bike. ;-)
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