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not sure if ill ride down there.I can get down to palmerlake ,from there not sure how to get to the broadmoor. If i ride down ill ley u know,ill be there till sunday for a family birthday party.
thanks for your reply !

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notgood said:
looking to ride to the Broadmoor hotel from highlandsranch on thu.Anyone have route options for me?Long time reader only a couple of posts looking for help.
Hwy 85 to Sedalia
Sedalia to 105
105 to Palmer Lake/County Line Rd
County Line Rd to Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster to Old North Gate
Old North Gate to 83
83 to North Academy

Here is where things start getting ugly for a while

N. Academy to Woodmen
Woodmen to Allegheny
Allegheny to Centenial
Centenial to 30th
30th to Colorado Ave
Colorado Ave to 31st
31st across Hwy 24.

Once you get south of 24 you have several ways to get to the Broadmoor

work your way east to 21st
21st to Cresta
Cresta to the Broadmoor

Another option once you get to Palmer lake is to take the Santa Fe Trail all the way to Woodmen, but depending on the type of tires you run that might not work. I dont put the road bike on that trail, but I have seen some who do.
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