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Hincapie out of PR

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Just saw George go down when his handlebars snapped of the head tube. Anyone want some cheap TREK stock.
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atpjunkie said:
folks I'm like the crotchety old grand dad/historian here, there are and have been no spoilers on thise site for years. you don't need to put an alert, or SPOILER on it. this is the RACE forum and guys post in real time or just after. If you are watching it on tape, stay out until you see it. The spoiler (or lack of) rules have been posted in this board numerous times. If ya don't wanna know don't look. Been that way for the last 3 years.

as for George, crap luck. Treks first year using CF steer tubes, not so good.
Hey ATP,

Do you mean CF steer tubes this year? It was actually aluminum.
atpjunkie said:

that steer tube is CF (Black). Last year he was using a Alloy steerer and had the bike with the suspension.

this year it's CF unless that's matte black grease
Read all about it...

CN: Is it a steel steerer?

SD: No, it's aluminium; it's been blasted then anodized black.
atpjunkie said:
I'm thinking it was a new fork, they were keeping it secret. that break looks too clean to be alloy. alloy tears,it rarely shears

The article posted on cyclingnews on April 6th. I suspect somebody botched the peen blasting job. ...and it should have been steel.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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