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djg21 said:
during a race, IMO, is really silly! In fact, an appropriate response would be: "Thanks! Now I don't have to look!" as I pull in front of you to protect my position in the pack and force you to first to brake and then to reaccelerate.

Like you said, if there is a squirley or unsafe rider near you, move away from him/her. In the meantime, protect your bike with your arms and your body.
That's not entirely true.... if you're passing someone on a windey descent who is A) sketchy and B) obviously a very unsure, very slow descender, you could be going 10 mph faster then they are. If you don't let them know you're passing they could take you out. It's not like warning them is going to make them all of a sudden pick up the pace by 10mph.
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