Signs that someone in your life has made the transformation from occasional bike rider to full fledged cyclist? They wonder out loud if it's okay for men to shave their legs. They start talking about watts, lactate threshold, and recovery rides. And they tell you with a straight face that carbon fiber is arguably the world's greatest gift to man. If any of this sounds familiar, then that special someone has likely already purchased the bicycling basics: a bike, helmet, shoes, jersey and shorts. Help them fill out their gear needs with one of these great gifts.

Eurostyle Chamois Butt'r Chamois Cream

Don't let your significant other learn this lesson the hard way. When heading out on a long ride, a little lubrication on the chain - and their nether region - is always a good idea. A good chamois cream such as Paceline's Eurostyle Chamois Butt'r helps prevent uncomfortable rubbing and chafing on the bike and easily washes out of clothing when riding is done. The Eurostyle formulation has anti-bacterial properties and a touch of menthol for subtle cooling.

MSRP: $20
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Shimano Ultegra Pedals

Your newbie cyclist may not be ready to make the jump to clipless pedals right away, but when they are you can't go wrong with Shimano pedals. The new Ultegra 6800s include high-zoot features such as weight-reducing carbon body construction and increased rigidity for efficient power transfer. But it's the wide, stable platform and ease of engagement that will most benefit someone new to the sport. Combine that with a simple-to-use tension release adjuster, and this is a pedal that will work just as well for cycling rookies as for seasoned veterans.

MSRP: $200
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Sugoi RSE Neoshell Jacket

At some point every cyclist gets caught in the rain, so you might as well be prepared. The Sugoi RSE Neoshell Jacket does a solid job of keeping moisture out, while also letting heat and perspiration escape. The main body utilizes Polartec Neoshell material, which has the breathability and stretch that's more reminiscent of a soft shell, but the wet-weather protection of a heartier storm shell. Reflective accents increase low light visibility, rear zippered pockets provide safe storage for a phone, snack and cash, and an offset front zipper improves fit and comfort around the neck.

MSRP: $280
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WD-40 Wash, Polish and Lube

Any seasoned bike mechanic will tell you, a clean bike is a happy bike. When a bike is clean it runs better. It's also easier to spot trouble issues such as a crack in the frame. The best method is soap, a sponge, and a hose at low pressure. That will get dirt and grit off but wont hurt any of the parts. So what to use? We're fans of the new WD-40 line of bike specific products that includes a foaming wash, heavy duty degreaser, frame protecting polish, and wet and dry lube, which collectively cover all the key bases of basic bike maintenance.

MSRP: $52 for Full Kit
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Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance

Phase 2 of basic bike maintenance requires learning to do basic repairs (and eventually a few more complex ones). Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance is the gold standard textbook for aspiring home mechanics. From simple tasks such as fixing a flat tire to advanced overhauls of drivetrains or brakes, this book's step-by-step guides explain the tasks and tools your newbie will need to get the job done right.

MSRP: $25
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Leg Hair Trimmer

We're not necessarily advocating that your newbie cyclist should start shaving his legs. But if they really want to look the part of a true roadie, then foregoing leg hair is a rite of passage. Once that threshold is crossed, it's all about using the right tool. And a standard face razor is not that tool - at least not the first time. Instead, get them a hair trimmer like this model from Wahl. This drastically cuts down on time required to complete that first major mow, and drastically reduces the chance that they'll slice open their femoral artery in the process.

MSRP: For Men, $40
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