Dodging potholes and navigating the mean streets gets a little more palatable with these great gifts for the urban rider.

Nau's sustainably Dose rain jacket a gift to the environment as well

Apparel-maker Nau has a knack for cranking out casual-looking but technically-performing wares, and their Dose rain jacket is a smart example of such. While a little more Star Trekky than the Nau norm aesthetically, it's not without purpose-first and foremost the Dose keeps you dry. Using a 100-percent recycled polyester shell, the jacket breathes well despite its waterproof performance. Nice bike-specific touches like a brimmed hood big enough to fit over your helmet, adjustable ventilation, ample accessible pockets, and cinch-able cuffs make the Dose an easy call on wet days.

MSRP: $275
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Light it up with Blackburn's Super Flea

Though designed as a "be seen" light, the 120 lumen Blackburn Super Flea front light throws out enough wattage to actually "see with" as well. On city streets it-along with its red flashing rear counterpart-up the conspicuity factor and make you more noticeable to other road users. With a built in LED fuel gage and a slick, magnetic USB recharger, it's easy to monitor and maintain power levels. Since batteries are a non-issue, we've taken to using the lights during the day, as well as night. With ever-increasing levels of driver distraction, daytime riding lights might just be the thing that gets you noticed.

MSRP: $45 each
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Stop the madness with TRP's CX linear-pull brakes

With their large tire clearance, long wheelbase, and, often, fender and rack bosses, cyclocross bikes make great urban steeds. Braking power, however, is one area where they typically come up short-or is it long? In order to accommodate knobby CX tires and the mud they kick up, 'cross bikes traditionally ship with vague-feeing cantilever brakes not well suited to the panic-stop realities of the urban environment. Fortunately, TRP's CX bike-specific linear-pull brakes make it easy to upgrade the stopping power from hopeful to deliberate. For just $150, the SRAM and Campy-compatible CX-8.4, and Shimano-specific CX-9 brings the madness-and your bike-to a firm, predictable stop.

MSRP: $150, full front and rear set
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Say goodbye to wrinkles with the Henty Wingman cycling garment bag

Show up at your desk wrinkle-free with the Henty Wingman-a rollable over-the-shoulder garment bag designed to keep clothes-and you-looking good. The roomy, water-resistant package features an outer suit/dress bag that rolls around a detachable inner utility compartment designed for shoes, toiletries and accessories. Numerous pockets, organizers and an internal hanger help keep your stuff organized, while a generously shoulder padded strap and mesh back keep the pack comfortable on your back.

MSRP: $200
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Stylish DeMarchi authentics ooze style and perform well to boot

Italian clothier DeMarchi is widely credited with inventing cycling-specific apparel. And while hi-tech synthetics rule the roost for performance-based bike clothes nowadays, DeMarchi honors their roots with stylish reissues of their 1950's wool originals that look great both on and off the bike. Slim-cut and with European flair, De Marchi's Authentic Line includes Milan-San Remo winner Louison Bobet's famous blue and yellow Bottechia-Ursus team jersey, as well as the classic Swiss Champion jersey, and the LePerle-Hutchinson team jersey. Finished with hand-sewn embroidery, mother-of-pearl buttons and vintage-style zippers, the very limited edition togs come with a hand-painted figurine for you to compare steeze with.

MSRP: $260
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