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Today's ride went from Hood River, OR to The Dalles, OR (and back). During this ride the climate changes from temperate to desert.

This was an amazing ride, but it took a lot out of me. It was only 55 miles, but included over 5k feet of climbing and the larger climbs were quite steep (unrelenting 7-11% grades) and exposed to the sun. I found myself agonizing for some shade to rest in. By the end of the ride my stomach was starting to give me issues and one of my hamstrings was starting to cramp up. Thankfully I made it home, just not at a particularly swift pace.

The route I used was taken from Jackson's Ride the Gorge:

Jackson's Ride the Gorge: 100 mile - A bike ride in

Last year I only did the 50-mile route, which consisted of the roads south of Hood River. This time I did everything east of Hood River.

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The Columbia River as seen from the Mark O. Hatfield Trail, a truly amazing MUP that goes from Hood River, OR to Mosier, OR.

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There was a time trial race happening while I was out riding. Thankfully, it was headed in the other direction. I saw plenty of aero helmets and carbon disc wheels. :cool:

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This shot and the next one were taken from the Rowena Crest lookout point. Then I got to ride down this! :thumbsup:

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Getting close to The Dalles - I think the riders I saw around here were warming up for the start of their TT.

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Mount Hood was looking good today.

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My view during the long and agonizing slog up Seven Mile Hill. It's only 1800 feet, but the grades are much steeper than one of the most challenging climbs I can do from home, Larch Mtn (which is nearly 4k feet to the summit). The lack of any shade to speak of made it really tough, too.

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Heading back to Hood River on the Mark O. Hatfield trail again.


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