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I’ve been having hot spots on the balls of my feet. In the center at the base of the middle toe to the big toe. It first happened early this summer when trying to hang on a super fast ride - so during a very hard effort. Haven’t really felt it since. But it happened again on the race I did 2 weeks ago with a lot of climbing and hard effort also. VERY painful. The odd thing is that I’ve had the same shoes and cleat set up for 3 years (Specialized and Shimano 'Lance' pedals) and this is just staring to happen.
So I tried my older shoes (Sidi) this past weekend as a test. I had those for about 6 years before the ones I ride in now. During that 67 mile ride in Westport, MA, It happened again (around mile 50 or so). The pain wasn’t as acute as it was in the race, but I did feel discomfort.
Any thoughts? Why would it start to happen all of a sudden when nothing has changed? Suggestions on what I can do?
Neither 6 years in the Sidis nor 3 years in the Specialized has given me issues til now?!?!

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