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Following the trends in the bike industry, its not all that surprising that groupsets are taking to the gravel, and we appreciate the careful attention and time that Shimano took in designing the GRX RD-RX810 Rear Derailleur for powering through variable conditions on a drop-bar bike. If you've been following Shimano in the all-road and off-road scene, the derailleur won't look shocking to you. In fact, it's nearly identical to the RX version of the Ultegra derailleur that was launched just last year, which took queues from the Shadow mountain bike derailleur, adding in a clutch mechanism to reduce chain slap and dropped chains for a quieter and more secure ride both on and off-road. When in the on position, the clutch increases the spring force to provide crisp shifting and zero chain slap and is easily flipped off for wheel changes.

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If the HD3 was designed for racers operating at the pointy end of the enduro rankings, then the Mojo 3 Carbon GX Eagle Mountain Bike was designed for the rest of us mere mortals. If you happen to clean the chunkiest runs like their paper-smooth fire roads, then the HD3 is probably the right ride for you, but if your ambitions and local trail furniture aren't all World Cup extremes, then the Mojo 3 is probably a far more appropriate-and fun-choice. It tempers the extremes that make the HD3 revel in the most apocalyptic terrain in favor of a lighter, more playfully agile chassis that's capable enough to handle everything this side of gravity. Add in the versatility to run both standard 27.5in and 27.5+ tires alongside SRAM's workhorse and ever capable 12-speed GX Eagle drivetrain, and you've got a rig that's set to get rowdy in style.

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The ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer from Wahoo takes everything we loved about its BOLT model and gives it some significant updates making it the most powerful and intuitive computer from the brand to date. It's not only Wahoo's first color screen display, but it also added on-device navigation capabilities, as well as integration with Singletracks and MTB Project. These features not only make the ROAM easier to see and use, but it can also help you find routes and get you safely back on course or to a specific waypoint when you need to most. Thankfully, Wahoo kept its excellent Element Companion App as the setup and interaction app for the new ROAM. It uses the simple interface of pairing your Apple or Android smartphone to customize settings, configure workout pages, upload routes, and link sensors.

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Cross has grown from a fringe sport here in the States to one of the most popular forms of cycling but in Europe, it's always been a staple of fall and winter cycling. Few brands understand the passion and build bikes for cyclocross quite like the Belgians at Ridley. Racing and building competition-worthy bikes have always been in its DNA and along with cyclocross it now builds a high-end road and mountain bikes. At the top of its CX category is the X-Night SL Disc Force 1 Complete Cyclocross Bike incorporating all of the modern accouterments needed to go fast without losing some of the traditional Euro touches that makes its bikes so popular. If the thought of finding traction with 33mm knobbies, deftly maneuvering a slick off-camber section, and slogging through mud is enough to get your heart racing, this is the bike that can handle it all.

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Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Powermeter Crankset

Electronic powerhouse Pioneer has spent the last two years working directly with the Belkin professional team, testing and refining its latest power meter design. The result is a revamped unit mated to Shimano's Dura-Ace 9000 Powermeter Crankset, giving you Pioneer's fully integrated, ultra-sleek, and exceptionally accurate dual-leg strain gauges and transmitter system.

The system measures pedaling force, direction, and overall efficiency via its dual strain gauges that have been bonded to the left and right crank arms. The transmitter itself is bolted directly to Shimano's spider using the original crankset bolts, maintaining an unobtrusive profile that smoothly blends into the spider's arms. These sensor units on the inside of each crank arm are then able to capture 12 points of rotation per leg, at 30-degree intervals.

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Harness aggression into flat-out speed on the mountain with the Juliana Roubion 2.1 Carbon CC X01 Reserve Mountain Bike. Purposely designed for aggressive styles of all-mountain riding and professional enduro racing, the Roubion demolishes chunky rock lines and rips alpine descents with unflappable composure. 150 millimeters of VPP travel smooths out the roughest terrain without flinching, making it an unstoppable force for all-mountain and enduro disciplines where larger rock gardens, steep descents, and bigger hits pose a significant challenge. Seeing that Juliana tailors their bikes for the needs of female rippers, you'll find the Roubion's tuned specifically for lighter riders with its female-specific shock tune. This makes it all the more sensitive when you're pedaling over roots and rocks standing in your way.

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Speed everywhere is the name of the game with the M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset from ENVE. From chunky baby head rock gardens to bike park flow laps, the 730 take the hits that you'd never expect from carbon just a few short years ago. Its impressive durability is doesn't come at the expense of snappy, responsive handling and lightweight build though, and ENVE did its homework. It spent the better part of two years designing a rim that can stand up high-speed chunder, without resorting to heavy rim inserts, beefy casings, or compromising with high tire pressures. The M730 is here to elevate your riding with a redesigned rim featuring a lightweight protective strip to keep your wheels and tires safely turning after smashing root lattices and casing huge drops.

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All-road adventuring is as popular as ever, evolving from a niche discipline into a popular mainstream activity that has opened up a whole new perspective on cycling. Those of us that want to hammer out some miles and explore new landscapes in car-free solitude are discovering the benefits of riding a bike that excels on mixed surfaces. Rather than limiting yourself to the tarmac, you can expand your rides to include dirt roads, singletrack, and everything in between with the X-Trail Carbon Frameset from Ridley. Ridley has long been a contender in the European cyclocross circuit as well as the pro peloton, so their experience with drop-bar bikes on- and off-road is undeniable, and the X-Trail is the result of that.

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