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Cat 4 dissappointed

I prefer crits and really found myself out of my element doing the road races last weekend. On Saturday I had great positioning going into the group sprint and started my wind-up when someone infront of me just sat up!! I had to slam on the breaks to keep from ramming him. I almost went over the handlebars myself. I then acted like a big baby by telling him to stay out of my way. You should know with only 400m to go whether or not you have a sprint in you.

Sunday was no better. I couldn't stay near the front no matter what. I would ride to the front, a guy would jump in front of me, slow down, 20 people would zoom by before I could get around him, and this process would repeat for 45 minutes constantly.

Amazing thing though is that this is the first time we've gone all weekend without a crash in the Cat 4s.
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