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It isn't the bike, so don't be hatin on those of us who have junk heap road bikes :)

For starters you should get some better tires. Those are fantastic for commuting or winter training but they are crap for competitive riding.
Train harder. If you want to go faster you need to suffer a bit and ride some long hours.
Check out the racing forum and lurk there for training tips.
Ultimately you may want to invest in a decent road bike. I wouldn't really bother too much in upgrading a hybrid bike like a Sirrus for speed. Save that money and put it into a new bike.

Don't worry about those guys on crap bikes and MTBs. You don't know where they are at in their training. For all you know they are high level racers coming back from a ride or doing intervals so they will be going faster. Personally, I am a track sprinter with high end track bikes but my road bike is 20 years old and is on its last legs. If I am put on a fast bike I have gone over 40MPH in a sprint and it is predicted that I put out around 1500 watts. So yeah --- don't underestimate that guy on an old bike. You need to realize that there will always be people that are faster than you are; what makes the difference is how you handle that and apply that experience to your own personal training. Essentially, how much does that pass egg you on and motivate you to get faster?
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