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The Sirrus works ...

The Sirrus is not a road bike, but in my opinion it's a good bike. The components, well, can't really think of anything nice to say, but they do work. The Alexrim wheels do suck, my rear hub developed drag under 400 miles, had the bearings repacked, which made it better, but still not great. And they do flex nicely, I'm a relatively light rider, but they still rub pretty good on turns.

It's a great commuter and good for shorter rides, especially in town where you need to keep your head up. I like mine well enough to upgrade it, a part here and there when deals come around. My last ride with some stop and go traffic avg 16.8 mph, it's not great, but not bad for my standards.

If you want a little more aero, try flipping the stem around, so you have a negative slop. I don't know what stems the 07 model came with.
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