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thanks for any input and advice.
x-posting in components & wrenching.

short story:
carbon / composite bike.
bought on-line and shipped to me.
shipping co. damaged box with multiple holes caused by ripping, friction rubs and compressed cardboard due to being banged around. the rectangular original box still has its shape.

what i see wrong on the bike, thus far:
a few scratches,
a few friction rubs,
chip paint near the rear derailleur hanger,
front wheel hub (where it made a hole in the box) is not fluid. not the skewer.

anything else i should be concerned about?
i glanced over the frame (parts not covered by the inside packaging) and didn't notice anything yet. but, it is the main concern as it's carbon / composite. how do you determine the integrity?
should i be keeping this or return it? it's the last one (2006) and at a decent price (40% off MSRP).

thanks again for any help.

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Ask for 50% off, or you will return it.
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