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I love taking pictures, I love riding. I just can't seem to get the two together- When I'm riding, it doesn't matter what camera I bring or how beautiful the scenery, I just don't want to stop riding. I've got a digital camera, several varieties of film camera, all of which I've used in my canoe and kayak with no problems. But I get on my bike and I just don't want to stop to shoot.

Any suggestions?

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Reach into your bag, pull out the camera and shoot. No need to slow down or stop.

buck-50 said:
I just don't want to stop riding.
With digital you just delete all the blurred, out of focus, tilted and whatnot bad images. Do it a lot and you will get better.

99% of the images I post in ride reports were taken on the bike without slowing down. Safety first is why I don't post a lot of downhill or traffic images
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