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I have been reading about custom wheel sets on this forum and am interested-I assume that I will ride faster with a custom set instead of my stock bontager selects. Anyway, how hard is it to install the back wheel and cassette if I order one? I assume the front will be simple. My bike repair skills are very limited (I have flipped the stem on my bike, and I can change a tire-although it may take 30 minutes or more to do so-that ought to tell you something). I essentially let my LBS do everything for me from tune-ups to cable adjustments, but would feel more than odd buying custom wheels and then taking them into the LBS to install.


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It's not that hard but you'll need tools.

1. Apply rim tape to the new wheel
2. Install tire and tube
3. Remove old cassette-you need a special tool to remove the lockring
4. Install the cassette- tighten the lockring with the above mentioned tool
5. Install wheel
6. You might have to adjust the rear derailleur limit screws
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