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Hey guys, my first post here and I’ve gotten some great help on here just by browsing.

I’ve swapped quite a few used frames the last couple years all using Di2. I'm not a mechanic or anything, just someone with a passion for cycling. I’m sure people with more experience have proper tools and better knowledge of how to run the cables internally. But recently I built up a 2015 S-Works tarmac and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to get the cable through the downtube, as it wouldn’t fit. Luckily a search brought up another post on this forum, that they changed the routing so that the brake AND Di2 cable run through the same hole. So glad I found that picture. But now this poised a new problem for me, how do I run the cable forward, then reverse it back through???

My solution after several naps, was to take some fishing line, and crimp on a small round sinker on the end. I feed it through the hole and move the frame around until it falls out the other end. I tie the end of the line to the Di2 cable and pull it through. Be careful you don’t pull too hard, as the line could snap. I had every cable ran in under an hour using this method. I couldn’t’ believe how easy it was.

Again, I’m sure there are other methods, but thought this might help some people, as it did me. I’ve only tried this on Specialized frames. I’m one of those people that like to do things myself and learn. Though now that eTap is coming out, this post will be obsolete soon haha.

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