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I have a 2008 specialized Tarmac Comp. with about 750 miles on it since April.
I can get a new frame/fork combo for around $700 that right at 950g - 1kg.

I used the configurator from the place where I can get that frame, and given the same components currently have, I can get about 1.8lbs out of the bike; which seems like it's more than it should be though. Before someone says I should just lose 1.8lbs out of me..I reply no.. I'm only 5'5" at 126-129lbs.:D

Does anyone know how much the 2008 Tarmac comp fram/fork size 49 weighs? It's not on weight weenies.

How much do you think I could if I tried to sell the Specialized frame/fork?
It's got a couple of tiny blemishes, but nothing noticeable.
If I could get just $300 that would make the best upgrade possible when netting against the $700 from the frame above. I've already swapped out the wheels.


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