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Nick09 said:
I know a 19 pound bike is not worthy of this forum....And I am 6' 2" and 155.8 lbs.
Your bike is not worthy of this forum? My road bike weighs about 38 lbs* at the moment with whatever is in the trunk, the lock, but sans water bottle, and I haven't felt my bike is unworthy of this forum. And I wouldn't bother noting my weight in tenths because I can add two pounds swallowing a bottle of Gatorade or drop two by taking a crap or working up a good sweat.

*Weighed one wheel at a time and summed. I can't pick the bike up on my scale as it only goes to 300 lbs. My bike sports a rack, trunk, lock, and lights etc. as I use it primarily for transportation, although exercise and recreation are significant side benefits.
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