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nmehta211 said:
LBS in NYC is offering it for $1100. My other option is to get a CAAD 8 R800 for $1000 but that bike is a little far away for me to get.

Also, I am not sure if I am going to be a racer, and I feel the Synapse may fit my riding needs more (non-competitive).

THanks in advance...

This worked for me in my LBS when i bought a synapse 2 yrs. ago, it had tiagra parts. I got it out the door for $960. i just asked them if that was the best price they could give and they gave me a discount. this happened in Los angeles, CA. I love my synapse, its handling is more stable than the regular CAADs. The synapse fits me better compared to the same sized CAADs. i should have gotten the carbon come to think of it.
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