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How not to finish a race!

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owned. ive seen this before though...
was that winner wearing an 01ish USPS jersey?
and the guy who fell was on a moser...
pro race? since it was on TV? maybe?
anybody have ideas, or am i an idjit?
I think it says "LOSER" on his down tube rather than "MOSER"...

:eek: OMG!! :eek:
maui mike said:
...and that's why the USCF wants us to keep one hand on the bars at the finish line...

On a consolation note: at least he got 2nd!


Ouch. I guess I can relate. I never was too stable with my hands off the bars either
but probably not quite that bad.
Been posted several times, still pretty funny. I'll bet that guy's friends never let him live it down.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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