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Go to your local track or LBS

Trevo said:
I want to start racing track this year. I have a problem though, No track bike. Should I get a dedicated track bike? Just buy a new Bianchi? or should I just check out Blaine MN (closest one) and see if they have a beginners time, where people can ride anything thats fixed.
The velodrome in this area, Dallas/Ft Worth, has classes that beginners can take. You just have to show up with your shoes and pedals and a helmet. They walk you through all the basics of track riding, set you up on a bike, and off you go. I suspect that your local track would have something similar.

Personally I'd try a loaner bike for a little while before I bought a dedicated track bike. It might not fit perfectly, but they few bucks you spend renting a bike could be invaluable for determining exactly what you want when you actually have to lay the cash down.

Your LBS should be able to point you in the right direction too. That's always a good place to start for anything bike related.
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