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Track racing in the Chicago area...

Both tracks have “stock bike nights” where you race your road bike against other road bikes. You have to pick a gear at the start and leave it there.

From there, you can rent a track bike from a local LBS and race that on the same night. After 3 nights here, you graduate to being allowed to race on track nights. I completed my 3 nights last summer.

You can also use your own bike, of course. It’s really quite easy to put together a track bike from a steel road bike with horizontal dropouts to see what you like. I used a 2000 Bianchi Volpe frame. You need a rear track hub/wheel and use on non-QR front skewer. Remove one chainring and everything else that’s not needed.

Go to the track (or call or email) and see what’s available. You gain a lot of pack-riding and finishing experience in a hurry.

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