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I'm also 31 and weigh 150#

I found that doing a regimen of intervals twice a week from late winter to early spring helped my riding a lot. I had all the same issues you have. This season being my 4th, I'm riding faster than I ever have and feel great, no longer being dropped on the flats when the power gets put down and I still leave em in the dust uphill.

I wish I would have got some power numbers before and after etc.

basically I did max RPM for 30sec - 1 min bursts, for something like 10 mins, rest and repeat.

and on the other day I would do Low RPM sustained effort for 2-3min. 60-70 RPM range. I found this one really helped my overall power. I tried this after reading in a magazine that Low RPM work induces more testosterone and growth with cyclist doing intervals.

You also have to consider that you've only been riding a Road bike for a short while. specific muscle development takes time.

Good luck!
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