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Carbon seat post experiences

My first Campy seat post was the Chorus Ti model. Never had a problem other than the bike was stolen!

So using the insurance money I built up a new bike, this time using a Record carbon seat post - looks like the same clamp as the Ti version. This new seat post has been a major pain ever since I bought it. First off it creaks from the saddle clamp area. I don't understand why this seatpost should creak since the clamp is identical to the Chorus version which never gave me any trouble. I even tried a new saddle to make sure this wasn't the problem. Next the seat post stuck in the frame: clear paint stuck fast in the seat tube and took a significant amount of force to get it out. Good news is that the carbon/epoxy seems just fine. In fact, I scraped off the clear paint to make sure the epoxy coat was not damaged - this is the important thing, not the clear paint.

So now I have an expensive seat post which creaks everytime I use it. That is, when I use it. Right now it's sitting in the "spares" box, i.e. "part hell".

Major waste of money.

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