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How to spot a counterfeit?

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I'm building my next bike and I stumbled upon an appealing Colnago V2R frame, UAE team edition. $800.

It seems to be good to be true, so you want to make sure it is not a knock-off.
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Any advice? What should I look for?
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That is a used frame, so new $$$ do not apply. Also, no disks for U.
If it came from a pro team mechanic, it's probably legit and not cracked. If it's over 5 years old it is worth like 15%.
Well I wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff in the garage, and turns out most used stuff like that is not worth much. Almost like not even trying to sell unless you need it for rent.
That frame is rim brakes, at this point, it is way out of date to anything new. I'm not saying it wouldn't make a nice bike, it would. It's a 'race' bike, most people would not like the fit/ride. Unless you are a racer.
If it is an used race bike... have you ever rode a bike where the handlebars are 6-8" below the seat? would be the first question, and if not, just try it.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts