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How to spot a counterfeit?

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I'm building my next bike and I stumbled upon an appealing Colnago V2R frame, UAE team edition. $800.

It seems to be good to be true, so you want to make sure it is not a knock-off.
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Any advice? What should I look for?
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Are you buying online? Can you inspect it?

Closest I could find was this. Same used rim version. Not team edition. It sold recently for $1,650.
$800 seems too good to be true.

It is online but the seller(a UCI-certified mechanic) is open to doing things face-to-face in Medellín, where he lives. I happen to have family there so that's something. I can inspect it but I don't know if my eyes (my sister, her husband's, my nephew's, or even mine) could spot a crack. I feel these were used by Pros riding UAE a few years ago, so my main concern would be about what levels of stress those frames have been into. My second concern is the sizing now since I've realized Colnagos' sizing works somehow different from the others. My current frame is 46, and this one is 48s, apparently way out of my league. I'm 5'2". The seller thinks it may work for me since he sees that I have plenty of spacers and the seat post is way too high, but it may be just the seller's speech. I actually want it, but still dubious.

I wrote to Colnago and told me to get the serial number. I replied with it, I guess I'll get an answer tomorrow. I guess I believe it is not a knock-off, now my concerns are about wear and sizing.
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Or someone who claims to be a pro team mechanic.

Online? Where? eBay, Craiglist, FB Marketplace or elsewhere? Does he have ratings/reviews as a seller?

Sounds too good to be true.

Seems legit. Account has history (abou 4 years), comments from real people and even links and all is coherent. It actually makes sense.

He is also selling a C69 for COP$8M (USD$1.765).Bicycle prices in Colombia are not as inflated as they're in the US, so it's probably not the the best reference but he said that is a bargain. I'm also considering the "then they're stoled" scenario but there are not many serial databases and couldn't find anything in the runs I tried.

I'm not buying a US$1.765 frame as a matter of principles anyway, but the V2R still sounds tempting. My issue now is sizing. I'm 5'2" and its size is 48s. My current frame is 46. I measured my crotch-floor length and it was 71cm, meaning the seat height should be 62.8cm. He said he was going to see if the seatpost can be set at that height so it would suit me but from what I've found I'm highly below its size. He offered me anotherV2R but disc (hard pass, I'm building a caliper one) and the C64 (harder pass).

So I guess I'll have to let this go.
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If it came from a pro team mechanic, it's probably legit and not cracked. If it's over 5 years old it is worth like 15%.
Why you say that? Carbon wear?
UPdate: Got a reply from Colnago:

"It is an original V2r, size 48s, built in 2019"

Too bad it is not my size :(
Well I wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff in the garage, and turns out most used stuff like that is not worth much. Almost like not even trying to sell unless you need it for rent.
That frame is rim brakes, at this point, it is way out of date to anything new. I'm not saying it wouldn't make a nice bike, it would. It's a 'race' bike, most people would not like the fit/ride. Unless you are a racer.
I'm also curious about that.

I read about the difference between the C64 and the V2R and the person in that video stressed the same: Comfort vs racing. I'm wondering how big is the difference? How do you feel it? Where do you feel it? Your back? Position is way too down? How different are they and why the C64 costs that much in comparison to the V2R?
Can you pm where this frame is located. I would love to buy it. Thanks
It is in Medellín, Colombia.
No idea if it would be worth the try to send overseas 🤔
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