If you are new to cycling, you will eventually want to upgrade to clipless pedals. They provide a more secure attachment for the important foot to pedal interface and allow you to pedal smoother and more efficiently.

However, learning how to use clipless pedals can be daunting for the beginner rider. This helpful video shows some highlights to ease the transition to clipless pedals.


Here are some helpful steps and tips:

1.) get into a lower gear before unclipping
2.) unclip your inside foot (the foot on the side away from traffic) ahead of time (don't wait until the last second, until you become proficient)
3.) use curbs to stay seated while waiting for lights
4.) never hold onto vehicles or other cyclists
5.) keep your head (and eyes) up
6.) mountain bike pedals (double sided) can be more commuter friendly (although you may lose some style points)

We would also like to add: practice in a safe environment first like an empty parking lot. Practice until you can clip in and out without looking down (a common mistake that even non-beginners sometimes make.) And remember, practice makes perfect!

Got any tips you would give a beginner who is just learning to use clipless pedals? Let us know in the comments below.