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Not too sure about that.

pitt83 said:
Grass is what makes the best part of a cross course. No single track, gravel roads are OK and pavement is good to have, but only a bit. So, I'm hoping for a venue where regular lawn grass is the majority of terrain.

I can't see winning with the "we'll fix it afterwards" scenario. You'll get raped. They'll always find something damaged, blame you (probably appropriate) and then try and make you fix it or pay to have it fixed. The financials of a new cyclocrss race don't allow for that (How's that for stating the obvious!).

I think our haiku-loving moderator has it right: Don't ask, don't tell. My next venue selection, I'm in good with parks and rec and the mayor of this town. It may go easier this time.
First, I think it was Celo Pacific who put on the San Diego series. Too bad that second race got them kicked off the grass (I was wondering why the third course was so bizarre - a mtn bike should never be an advantage in a cross race). They even had a landscaper on board to fix, so that's pretty bad. Although, if you looked at the grass for the last race, I don't believe there was evidence of the damage from the second. Wasn't as if it was pristine to begin with. Shame.

Not being honest might reserve the park once, but its unlikely you'd ever get in again. It's not good to hold back such info - what if you want to use a different city facility some day? Good luck because you just burned your bridge.

There are other alternatives which I'm hoping to try, many of which can be currently found on under the race director series. Sure it's about running a triathalon, but most of it pertains. You need to circumvent the Parks & Rec guy(s) right off the bat. You'll go nowhere with them. Best to get a contact within the city council first. They can cut a lot of red tape and get the ball rolling. You need to have a plan in place to fix anything and everything before you submit your proposal. If they know the damage is coming, but also know it will be fixed, you stand a better chance. And you must follow through - go above and beyond, in fact. Of course, I think Celo Pacific did this, but apparently to no avail.

But, they did get to use the park again! What if they had been dishonest or not completely forthcoming from the beginning? End of series. Also important to note is that the grass was used for the first race with some damage, but it would seem they fixed it well enough to extend the use to the second race. The second race took place after a night of rain, and the grass quickly became mud in many places. This tends to hide the fact that the damage isn't as great as it would appear underneath the muck - again, a month later there were no obvious signs that I could see. Did I miss something? To be honest I wasn't looking, but it certainly wasn't enough to get my attention. And that's an important fact that needs to be addressed in your proposal. By that I mean the damage always looks worse right after the racing ends than it actually is.

I'm rambling at this point, but it's my plan to get a race going in Orange County this next year. Perhaps we should keep each other posted on what works and what doesn't. The more cross, on real cross courses, the better. Good luck.
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