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Strained coccyx etc etc
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sometimes ya just can't win

we were lucky with our venue (4 races). much gravel, dirt, and offroad stuff available without using high-visibility grassy bits. and "reservation" of the park was a simple form to fill out, and a cash deposit.

my suggestion to you is to find another venue (sounds like you're on that path already).

don't over-disclose. answer only when asked, and with as little detail as possible.

my description accepted by our venue: "bicycle race". end of description.

we were to allow full access to park users of all park facilities during the events. fine. but our events were held sunday mornings. who's using the park on sunday mornings in december and january? nobody but us 'cross freaks. sure, i cordoned off the park road with caution tape. but if you wanted access to that picnic table on the far side of the lake, you could gain access to it by walking around the marked course.

bite your tongue--don't give away any unnecessary information.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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