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Last Friday I took the ferry over to Port Angeles from Victoria. Broken cloud, about 15 degrees in town. I started up the Hurricane Ridge road, and about halfway up ran into some light misty rain. Not too bad, though. I was keeping warm with the effort of the ride. I came around a curve where I could see some of the peaks, and there were thin clouds scudding over the tops.

Of course, the higher up the mountain I climbed, the wetter and colder it became. Finally, about a mile from the top I realized I could be in big trouble if I didn't head down ASAP.

The ride down was a killer. Normally, the speed is 60-70 kph. That day I held it to 25-30 kph, and still I got into a close to hypothermic state. I was shivering so hard I had a problem keeping the bike balanced. I stopped a couple of times just to try to get some feeling back in my fingers.

When I got to the ranger station, I asked to be let inside so I could warm up. It took about 15 mins before I stopped shaking enough to finish the ride down. I can honestly say I have never been that cold in my life.

I learned a lesson that day. My advice is to take care when you ride into the mountains.
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