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Hey Scotty,

I was having problems on long rides, so I started weighing myself before and after to see how much water I need to take in. Even on cool damp Seattle days, I'm well over a big bottle an hour. I'm sure it would go over 2 bottles an hour when it's hot. Try the weight thing for a few rides, and you'll get an idea. 1 gallon is a bit over 8 pounds, BTW.

It's hard to take in too much understanding is that if you do you just pee them out, so don't skimp on gatorade/accelerade of your choice. Also, I find I can take in much more water if it has salts like gatorade...something about getting through the stomach wall that I didn't pay attention to in high school. If I try drinking too much plain water, I feel like it's sloshing around, but with gatorade, it gets into my blood.

Lastly, it's always good to drink a big glass or two before you head out and start drinking early in the ride...way before you are thirsty. Since I've been working on this, I find the clock on my computer helpful. Today was a hilly century, and I forced 2 bottles in in the first hour and a half... I would not have had more than a sip or two without the clock. Without the clock, I get lazy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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