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Wife is on a diet again, and I'm trying to lose the 3 pounds I've gained recently due to her cooking, so I'm doubly joining in.
My wife NEVER orders fish, even at Baytown Seafood (yummy!!). She bought some Tilapia recently, to my surprise. She's tossing ideas around on seasoning that's little to no sodium. I pick up Weber's "kickin Chicken" seasoning and suggest it. Turns out, it's low in sodium, and she said no til it said it was good on fish too.
So I fire up the grill, make a pan out of aluminum foil, sprinkle on the seasoning, add just a little bit of sodium (or low, can't remember) butter, and squeeze a little lemon on top.
Cooked it for a few minutes on each side, then stuck it directly on the grill over high heat for just a little bit. Was a little challenging getting it off the grill then, but next time I'll use the non-stick spray beforehand.
Came out very good, best Tilapia I've had. Highly recommend cooking it this way.:thumbsup:
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