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I f***ing hate cycling!

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Worked hard all off-sesaon and pre-season, juggling work, child and spousal committments... Rides at 5am to alleviate the inevitable "you're spending too much time riding and not enough {fill-in-the-blank}". Firm deflection of weekend work tasks - "sorry PM, I'll be gone those dates AS I MENTIONED 2 MONTHS AGO."

First race of the season. A small, meaningless race - just meant to get that racing "feel" back... 11 miles in * boom * crash, fractured elbow, game over.

I f***ing hate this sport!!!
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thanks guys...

for the support. I'm not usually one to whine - really :) When I broke my back a few seasons ago, I took it pretty much in stride. I guess I'm just pissed because I'm finally back to my old form and I know I probably won't be able to race next year (2nd child)... plus I ain't getting any younger :)

Oh well, now I'm just crossing my fingers that there's enough bone left to do the pinning surgery. I'm so, like someone else mentioned, I could be back on the road in 6 wks or so.

If I can't, however, anyone want to buy a never used 2006 license - I'll sell at a discount :)


1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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