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I f***ing hate cycling!

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Worked hard all off-sesaon and pre-season, juggling work, child and spousal committments... Rides at 5am to alleviate the inevitable "you're spending too much time riding and not enough {fill-in-the-blank}". Firm deflection of weekend work tasks - "sorry PM, I'll be gone those dates AS I MENTIONED 2 MONTHS AGO."

First race of the season. A small, meaningless race - just meant to get that racing "feel" back... 11 miles in * boom * crash, fractured elbow, game over.

I f***ing hate this sport!!!
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My wife has been inactive since college, when she was a majorette at the Univ of Alabama. Gone is that awesome figure that would leave me begging for more. But through some tactful words and a little influence of my own, she is beginning to show interest in her fitness again. 9 years and one child can wreck havoc on a woman's body. Especially if her idea of physical fitness is flipping between American Idol and Survivor.

I keep on riding, but I sometimes do it with the guilt of knowing that she should be at least half as active as I am, especially since our child is 6.5 years now! It's hard to get the spouse on board without hurting feelings and causing resentment sometimes.
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