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A buddy of mine owns a cycling company (he's also owns a leather tanning company) and I'm his beta tester. I'm helping him improve his designs.

So far it's been the best leather bar tape, ever. I told him to make it a little thinner because it's too bombproof. This is a good thing, but it's hard to wrap. So he did and the new stuff is great. Nothing like owning bar tape that can be washed multiple times in the dishwasher! Strong for over a year and with many crashes.

My latest test is something I designed. They are custom aluminum bar plugs with my own engraved logo. I've attached the design and a really blurry phone pic (sorry). It came out exact. This is a good first test, as I can now give hints on how to make it turn out well. When I do it over, I will make the background argyle part bigger, so there are only 10 diamonds instead of 60 -- it will make the design more visible.

I can get more detailed pics if you want them.
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