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This would happen!

Last spring my wife and I bought matching 07 Roubaix Experts. We rode the heck out of those bikes and loved them. As the season wore on I started to notice my wife was spending lots of time in the drops. It looked as if she wanted to be lower. So we did the natural thing and flipped the stem and lowered it. Off she went and after a while was back in the drops once again. By the end of the season we had all the spacers, except the cone spacer, above the stem and she was riding with quite the nub above the stem. Still she felt she wasn't low enough.

Then we looked at the Tarmac........

We bought the Tarmac, well two of them....Since I can't be left behind...

Well after a month on the sleak Tarmac she can't ride the Roubaix now. Every time she gets on it she get slight lower back pain and right shoulder pain. We have checked the saddle fore/aft, saddle height, cockpit dimension and everything matches between bikes. Both bike have the same pedals, same size cranks. The only real difference between the bikes is the head tube angle and the saddle to bar drop. The Roubaix has about 30mm of drop while the Tarmac is at about 55mm.

The only way I can see to get her lower on the Roubaix is to remove the cone spacer and replace it with a flat cap spacer and then get her a higher rise stem (+/- 17d, she's on +/- 6d), flipped down of course...

If all else fails I think we may need to sell the bike...

It's really too bad because the Roubaix is a nice bike and she really did like the ride quality....

But, the Tarmac has really sucked her in...

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