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cpcritter said:
I complained a while back about the typical horn blowing, hollering, close brushes...etc. Living in Cincinnati there is no shortage of daily situations that I have come to ignore. But, yesterday I was surprised to have 4, yes 4, happy beeps and extra room given for lane closures. I felt very happy about the team concept that I felt between me and the cars yesterday riding home.

I know it may all change today but if yesterday is a coming of change I look forward to it. Is this what it is like in bike friendly cities??

P.S. a guy driving a dually pick-up truck had to cut me off this morning and slam on his brakes but I still feel good.

Yesterday on my training ride along a winding smaller highway, but one that some use to commute to town...I had good motorist vibes, too. People were actually not "going for it" passing with limited sight distance. They would come up behind and slow and wait till they could actually see there were no cars coming the other way. On this particular road, that is good because the shoulder is minimal.

Usually, I can see ahead and around a corner before the following driver, or I know the road and the shoulder well enough to wave the following motorist around safely. Many time when I did that, they would come right on by, with a wide margin, and give me a little wave of thanks in the mirrors...

Like it should be, eh?
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