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My legs must have the torque of a diesel engine because in the past 4 months, I've broken the following items.

1. Popped my chain while starting from a stop on a hill. The chain was bent sideways and was FUBAR, so I had to call a buddy of mine to bring me home. The chain, a stock 9-speed Shimano, had about 2500 miles on it.

2. I was test-riding a Felt F-55 with a Truvativ Rouleur crank and while starting from a stop, with the chain in the big ring and the cassette at 23, I heard a snap, felt a lurch and looked down to see that the chainring had split at a rivet and was now a rotating sawblade, hellbent on extracting blood from my calf. Luckily, the I race for the LBS from whom the bike belonged to, so they just had a shitfit with Felt/Truvativ and gave me **** for being a machine.

3. Snapped my bottom bracket in my Redline CX while starting from a stop. I had just finished putting some mail into a mailbox and was getting ready to go for a recovery spin. As I stood up to accelerate away, I heard a clunk and found that I could spin both my pedals independent to one another. Rode the 3 miles home one-legged and then went out on my fixed-gear.

4. Now, for the kicker. I was getting ready to put in a solid 50 miler after work today. I loaded up with a 'naner, a Gu and fluids and headed out. I came to a stop at a busy road, saw a break in the traffic and proceeded to do power myself into a left turn. As I stood up, I heard another clunk and then almost fell as I struggled to gain control of a bike, headed into a grade at 5 MPH. Thank god that the oncoming traffic slowed for me, as I could have easily hit the tarmac if it weren't for me amazing skills. As I coasted to the road, I saw that the chain, a Sram 9-speeder, had broken at some random link. The kicker? I broke this chain at the EXACT same spot I had broken the chain in #1. What the ****?!?!?!

Now, barring the incident on the Felt F-55, all of these mechanicals have occured on my Redline Conquest which I use for road-racing, cyclocross racing, rain-riding, commuting, etc. Basically, the bike lives a hard life, but I keep it well-maintained. So far she has 6000 lifetime miles since I bought it last September and nothing has really broken on it until now.

But I'm not blaming the bike, nor am I blaming my supple thighs. I can't sprint for ****, as I'm definitely more of a climber. Sure, I can lay some power down, but that power is more pathetic than it is awe-inspiring.

I think I have **** luck. Howzithat?
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