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samtaylor1 said:
I am looking to buy a custom Moots cross bike. I live in Detroit so it would be easy to get to Canada, can I get a bike cheaper there?

Thanks Sam
I live in Canada and typically buy from the US. Why? Because bike stuff up here is ridiculously over-priced when compared against the US. I've been mailordering from the US for ~12-yrs and it's always the same story...I can get the parts/bike for substantially less in the US.

Case in point, I was looking at buying a Surly Cross-Check a couple months ago. I could get the bike shipped from a reputable shop in the US for under $1000CDN. That very same bike was listing at $1800CDN. Absolutely no reason for such a huge discrepancy in pricing...I blame the CDN Distributors for their greed. Everyone who touches the bike needs their piece of the pie, so prices go up, and up, and....

So, for you, hard to say. But, it never hurts to price it out and see how it compares. But, based on my experiences with CDN shops, the pricing will be way above what you'd pay in the US.

I know a Toronto-area Moots dealer very well and could ask about pricing for you.

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