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i need a podiatrist in centra florida! my feet are killing me!!!

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tried the wedges in the shoe, between the cleat and the shoe. inserts of gel, foam, etc, etc... anybody know of a podiatrist who knows cycling in central florida? tampa, clearwater, orlando, ocala, gainsville, pasco, hernando counties, or surrounding areas. i live in a kind of semi rural area, nothing much really nearby. thanks very much for the help
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I too was having foot pain. I saw Andy Pruit in Boulder CO. Ended up with custom orthotics. If you are having the same issue I have. Pain at the ball of your foot, radiating into extreme hot foot. Try cutting out a gel insole to save money. Cut out the insole where the ball of your foot is. This relieves pressure and distributes to the rest of your foot. Hope this helps.
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